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Hapiness and revolution! Music to change the world. 

The year 2010, in winter, after recording a little demo tape with the songs “Vola” and “Nits amb Txarango”, Txarango’s caravans rise up for the first time to the stages and they start the tour “Welcome to Clownia” which take them to walk around the most important festivals in Catalonia and Spain. During this tour the band grow up and they start to popularize the songs that will be part of their first album.

The year 2012 they publicate their first album “Benvinguts al llarg viatge” and they quickly become one of the reference bands in catalan musical scene. The band amout the public appreciation and critics, and they’ve been collecting awards during two International Tours “Benvinguts al llarg viatge 2012” and “Music and Revolution Tour 2013”.

Behind the press awards and the musical industry they highlight: Enderrock Award for the best album 2012, Enderrock Award for the best live, and two Enderrock Awards for the best new band of the year granted by the public and by the critic. Arc Award 2012 for the best Popular Fest tour and Arc Award 2013 for International Tour. Catalan Album of the year Award from Radio 4. Altaveu Award 2013 for the best new band.

They also record “La cirereta” song from an album called “1,2,3…pica Bressola” disc, dedicated to the schools that fight to go on teaching catalan lenguage in Nord Catalonia.

During autumn of 2012, they record “Som Persones” to recapt money for cancer fight throught solidarity album of La Marató de TV3.

In spring, on 2013, they crowd Palau de la Música Catalana in one of most prestigious concert of all the band tragectory. Live recorded and issued by Public Catalan Television. 

At the begining of 2013, they sum up their strenght with Ràdio Nikosia ( A radio from barcelona realized by people with mental diseases ) and, together with other artists like Manu Chao or Che Sudaka, they edit “Mundo Nikosia” album, that pretends to finance and keep alive that project.

In autum of 2013 they unify strenght with Circ Cric and create solidarity show called “S’enlaira” that gets finance a Clowns Without Borders organization expedition in Liban refugee camps.

After walk through Catalan Countries, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holand, Denmark and United Kindom stages; they finish the tour “Music and Ravolution 2013” with a concert placed in País Valencià, where Obrint Pas also play, and did their last concert after 20 years on the stages.

In 2014, Txarango publicates “Som Riu”, the second album of the band, and they become cultural programmers with the creation of “Clownia Festival”. A music, circ and theatre festival that borns to bring the artistic experiences from all the tours to their homeland. The festival pretends to be one more tool to propose new horizons and defends the music and the culture as a basic tools for the social transformation.

Under the name “ LA TEMESTA” borns 2014 tour. With this tour Txarango resumes the journey and comes again to nomad life to share “Som Riu” square to square.

Turn of the world and we’ll turn on the dreams!

We are a river that always go on, of the war we’ll do dance”