TXARANGO-CAPARAN is a cultural exchange project with this small village of La Casamance in Senegal.

The relationship began in early 2014 when, after discovering that our music has become the soundtrack of the region, we received the proposal of the town to lead the construction of the Cultural Center of Caparan.

A cultural center that will become a school of arts and aims to be a key infrastructure for the cultural fabric of Casamance and for the involvement and creation of opportunities for young people in the area.

From this relationship with the African continent is born one of the strongest experiences that we have lived as a group and that makes full the project of Txarango.

On 15th November 2014, together with the association Ètnic Solidària and the whole town of Caparan, we laid the foundation stone of the Cultural Center that is now in operation.

To make possible this task in Senegal, we had the contribution of hundreds of people who bought the solidarity t-shirt that was used to finance the center and that they bought the ticket for the concert that we made in Torelló in the autumn of 2014 and that it served completely by the same one reason.

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